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From: Justanother Author
Subject: Father, Brother, Uncle, Son Chapter 1Here's my next story for Nifty. Because of the tremendous response I've
received on my other two stories, Speedo Boys and Tom & Me, I couldn't wait
to get another going for all of you. I would appreciate any feedback of a
positive nature, and of course, flames free lolitas xxx porn will be ignored.DISCLAIMER:All the usual copyrights apply. This story may involve sexual contact
between Adult Men and Younger Males, two Boys, or two Adult Men. If this
type of story is not to your liking, or for any reason is forbidden where
you live, please, PLEASE, delete this file and stop. If this is to your
tastes, then I hope you enjoy this story, for that is all it is. Fiction,
Fantasy, the musing of the Author's mind written and shared with you. Any
similarities to any person living or dead are purely coincidental. I do
not in www lolita pussy pics any way condone, support, or promote any illegal act in any
jurisdiction. But, thank God, we still have the right to SAY anything as
long as we don't DO anything.So, without any further ado, Please enjoy.Hermes
Father, Brother, Uncle, Son
Chapter 1 -- Introductions and moreHello. My name is Robert French, and this is the story of sexual
awakening. It involves myself and 4 relatives. I write this on my 67th
Birthday as a celebration of my life. It talks about things that in my own
mind everyone should experience. The characters are all family to me.
Myself, Robert or Robbie, My Father William French, my Brother Thomas or
Tommy, my Mother's brother, my Uncle Al, and my son, Robert (Robbie) Jr.It begins in the summer shortly after I turned 10 years of age. My father
and I were camping up in the local mountains. My brother, 13 years old,
felt he was too old to go, so it was the first time Dad and I had gone off
by ourselves.We had backpacked up into the mountains. We were going to be gone for a
whole week. During the past 2 days we hadn't seen another living soul. I
loved my Dad with all my heart. He was a wonderful father, and a good
person to boot. We were really having a great time.On the third day, we happened across a lake. It was surprising that there
were no other people around since it was a large body of water, but we were
alone like we were the last two people in the world. It was a very hot day
and I made a passing comment to Dad that it would be nice if we went
swimming. Too bad we didn't bring bathing suits.Dad looked at me and smiled. "Who needs 'em!" He exclaimed. And with that
began taking off his clothes. I began to giggle as Dad stripped down
naked. It was the first time I ever remembered seeing him fully nude. I
stood transfixed on his huge (to me) penis hanging down, his foreskin
covering half the head of his penis, unlike mine where the foreskin covered
the whole thing and still had about a quarter of an inch more skin in front
of it.Dad looked at me and said, "Well, are you going swimming or not?"I looked back and was a little embarrassed, but began to remove my
clothing. When I was as naked as the day I was born, Dad yelled, "Last one
in is a rotten egg!" He then started running toward the water. I took off
after him, loli 15 yo hentai barely aware of my nudity.We swam and swam and played in the water for hours. When we non nude lolita gallery finally got
out, it was starting to get dark and I was shivering because I was wet and
cold. Dad noticed this and grabbed our sleeping bags. He zipped them
together and told me to climb in. I started to protest saying I needed to
get dressed first, and he said that I should just get in naked, that I
would warm up quicker, so I did.Moments after I got into the bag, Dad climbed in next to me. He cuddled me
up in his arms and it felt great being close to him and having him hold me
like that. We lay there for a long while and Dad was rubbing my skin
warming me. It felt wonderful.A while later, I was toasty warm but didn't want the close contact between
Dad and me to end so I just kept quiet. It was the first time I remember
that my penis began to get an erection. It was a new feeling to me and,
being the innocent I was, mentioned it to my dad. He chuckled and I felt
his hand go down and feel my now hard little cocklet.The feeling of his hands on my peepee actually made me excited. He was
gently rubbing the foreskin back and forth on my dick and it seemed to get
even harder. At this point I began to feel something sticking at me in my
lower back. I reached down behind myself to feel my dad's much larger
penis was as hard as mine was. I said nothing as I removed my hand, but
Dad nude lolita girls handjob told me to keep on feeling it.Dad was still rubbing mine up and down and it felt really good, so I
started, as best as my little hand would allow, to do the same to his. It
was difficult because I was reaching around behind my back to do this. Dad
must have thought about that because he rolled on his back with me next to
him. He kept on rubbing my little weenie but I could now reach his much
easier.He rubbed me for a long time when I started to get a weird feeling. lolita preteen porn pics It was
like my whole body was tensing up, but it felt wonderful, not like a spasm
or Charlie horse like my brother used to give me. All the while Dad just
kept rubbing my dick and I was doing the same to him.Quickly after the feeling started to build, I felt Dad unzipping totally nude females lolitas
the bag
and uncovering both of us. The cold air felt really good on my very
excited boyhood. Moments later I began to jerk and thrash around. Dad
just kept on rubbing my dick and it felt really, really good.When I had calmed enough to realize it, I started rubbing up and down Dad's
penis again and a few minutes later he was moaning. I thought I had hurt
him and stopped rubbing it but he told me to keep doing it. I did, and a
few minutes later I saw him tense up like I had, but when he started
jerking around, some white stuff shot out of his dick. I thought that only
pee came out there and it was amazing to me.He stopped me from rubbing on it when he stopped shooting that stuff and he
lay there panting, gasping for air. In my curiosity, I reached over to his
belly and started rubbing my fingers in the white goo. It was very
slippery. I took some on my finger and smelled it, but it really didn't
have much of an odor. Instinctively, I took some and tasted it. It was an
odd, salty and nutty taste that actually tasted pretty good.Dad saw me do this and asked if I liked the taste?I told him I did and he just smiled at me. Covered us back up, held me and
we fell asleep.During the rest of the week, Dad and I slept naked together. On the night
before we went home, he told me he wanted to show me something wonderful.
I loved my dad and trusted him completely. He told me to take off my
clothes and lay on top of the sleeping bags. I did what he said.I thought it funny that when I was taking off my clothes, my young little lolitas models
dick started
to get hard on it's own. Without being played with like Dad had been
doing.I lay down on the bag with my little 2 and a half inch hard penis sticking
up, my foreskin pulling itself back so I could just see the tip of my
dick-head popping out of it. Dad started to rub on it, and said to me that
it was already hard. He smiled at this.Instead of rubbing me until I got that feeling like he'd done all week, he
leaned over and licked it. This felt like electricity was running through
my body. He licked it over and over again and finally he sucked it into
his mouth and was rubbing his tongue all over it. My little body had never
felt so good. He kept on sucking on it until I had my 'fit' as I called
it. Then he finally released it and I watch it get soft. It looked so odd
laying there on my belly all slimy from his mouth.Dad let me lay there while he stood and took off his own clothes. I saw
that his penis was fully hard like mine was when I took off mine and he lay
down next to me, caressing my belly and chest. He asked me if I really
liked the taste of his cum, as he called latin babies lolita top it. I didn't know the word and he
said the white stuff that came out was called cum.I told him I did. He asked me to start rubbing on his like I had been all
week, and I gladly complied. After a while, he asked if I liked him
sucking on mine and I told him I liked it a lot. Then he asked me if I
could suck on his while I rubbed him. I thought he did it to me, so I
should do it to him so I opened my mouth wide and was able to get just the
head of his penis into my little mouth while my hand rubbed up and down.He told me to take my tongue and rub it all over the head, and I did. I
kept this up and after a minute or two he told me that he was going to
squirt that stuff and I should be ready to swallow free lolitas xxx porn as soon as it squirt,
because he was going to squirt more than once.Just a moment later, I felt the first squirt in my mouth, it tasted even
better than it had from my finger. In my excitement, I forgot to swallow,
and when he squirt the second time, it squirt out my lips. I quickly
swallowed and as his 3rd, 4th, and 5th squirt came out, I was ready,
swallowing after each.When he stopped squirting, I let his dick out of my mouth and watched it
get soft and lay on his belly. As it softened, a little more of the white
stuff, what was it, yeah, cum, come out of his dick and I quickly licked
that off his belly. Dad grabbed me and hugged me something fierce. We
fell asleep with him holding me on top of him.The next day we packed up and hiked back to the car. He told me that what
had happened this week was just between us, and I wasn't to talk about it.
I usually did what my dad told me to, so I agreed.As we drove home, I thought about our week. It was a wonderful week, and I
hoped we could do it again. I also decided that my brother wasn't anyone
so I planned on talking to him telling him how great our trip was.Next time - Chapter 2 - Coming home

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